This article is a compelling topic (economic forces of global palm oil use overwhelms narrow ecology of Indonesia) but was difficult to understand.

Perhaps consider re-writing a new article which expands on your topic.

First off, your title is difficult to interpret (is it a statement of fact that there are no barriers, or an opinion that there are barriers but there should not be any?)

Secondly, you start with a quote, but your reader needs context.

It could be "Indonesia is making strides with sustainable agricultural production through progressive European partnerships" or, alternatively, "Despite government claims of partnerships with Europe, Indonesia is still failing miserably as it allows multinational interests to destroy its rainforests decades after it was an obvious catastrophe in the making."

Best of luck with your writing.

Writing my thoughts with the goal of prompting yours, from a timezone consisting of only 5M people. I work at a confluence of art and software engineering.

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